A New Album From Emancipator.

Very excited to announce the 5th Emancipator LP! Baralku will be released on 11/17/17 via Loci Records.

‘Baralku’ is a mythological spirit island in the Milky Way upon which departed souls build fires to let their loved ones know they arrived safely in the afterlife. I was moved by the imagery of this concept as it relates to my life and the creative process. Music takes me to places, and each song is a spirit island on which its soul lives infinitely. To release a song is both a death and a birth at the same time. The sounds contained in each song have reached the end of their life process. The once shapeshifting collage of expression has been crystallized into a final form, no longer kinetic. Yet it exists in a state of permanent potential energy, waiting to be accessed in the form of music, just as the memory of a departed soul will always have the power to move us. – Doug Appling (Emancipator)

You’ll have to wait until November for the full album, but in the meantime, the 2nd single, “Goodness,” is available today for your listening pleasure!