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Very excited to announce that I have a new collaborative EP with 9 Theory, coming 3/22! We’re also stoked to present you with the first single, “Chameleon,” available everywhere today!

Gabe (9 Theory) & I share a lot of musical common ground in the realm of instrumental beats. We have similar influences and intuition so it was easy to develop the sound. We got together with the idea of making one song and based on how fluid that process was, we decided to make a full EP.

“Chameleon” contains a few different chapters that are all based on the same groove. The title might have something to do with the idea of shapeshifting surface forms as well as a nod to that magnificently mysterious old world lizard. It also happens to be the brand of cold brew I was drinking at the time!

You can stream // download “Chameleon” today via the links above and also pre-save the EP, Cheeba Gold, on Spotify so that you have first access on release day! Hope you enjoy!!



1. Chameleon

2. Zula

3. Cuica

4. Bombilla